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2723 – 2725 S Norman St,

Seattle, WA 98144
Price Range: $579,950-$640,000

30 px_Worker    Greencity Development

30 px bed cropped bottom V2    2 Beds

30 px px bath V2    1.75 Baths

40 x 40 px_right-angle cropped    1,042-1,054 Sq. Ft.

40 x 40 px walk    Walk Score 85

Looking for a centrally located in-city retreat with an easy commute in any direction by car, bike, bus, or light rail (Coming in 2023)? These design forward townhomes feature sleek modern interiors paired with efficient layouts for top class Seattle living. The neighborhood offers multiple parks (dog park too!), sports fields, and multi-use trails that stretch from Lake Washington to Puget Sound. Homes feature: Bosch appliances, ductless heating/cooling, and sun soaked roof decks.

Site Map / Floor Plans


Fl oo r plan s a r e p r o vi d e d f o r i l l u s t r a t i v e a nd g e ne r a l i n f o rm a t io n a l p ur po s e s o n l y . I n a co n t in u i ng e ff o r t t o im p r o v e ou r p r o du c t s a nd d esi gn s, f i n al co n s tr u ct io n e l e v a t io n s, s qua r e f o o t a ge s, f loo r plan l a y o u t s an d / or m a t e r i a ls and c o l o r s m ay v a r y . B u y er t o v e r fi y a ll i n f or m a t io n t o t h e i r o w n s a t i s f a c t ion . s h e l t e r ho m e s s e a t tl e . c o m 20 6 . 4 86 . 9 2 0 9 | i n f o @shel t erhs . co m L a s t upd a t ed: 0 9 / 0 2 / 2 1 8 3 2 4 , 8 3 2 6 , 8 3 2 8 , 8 3 3 2 , 8 3 4 0 , 8 3 4 4 , 8 3 4 8 1 3 t h A v e N W S e a t tl e, W A 9 8 1 1 7 NB-5 NB-4 NB-3 NB-2 NB-1 NA-2 NA-3 NA-4 NA-5 NA-6 NA-1 NC-5 NC-4 NC-3 NC-2 NC-1 ND-1 ND-2 ND-3 ND-4 ND-5 13TH AVENUE NORTH WEST SA-8 SA-7 SA-6 SA-5 SA-1 SA-2 SA-3 SA-4 SB-4 SB-3 SB-2 SB-1 ALLEY N SC-1 SC-2 SC-3 SC-4



















2723 Units A-C


2725 Units A-C

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